Driftin’ to the Coast

     The National Convention Planning Committee (NCPC) and Los Angeles Drifters warmly welcome you to the 67th Annual National Drifters Convention. As co-host we have worked

non-stop over the past eight months to create an unforgettable convention experience.

     This conference is made possible by the work and dedication of committee members who, through service on the NCPC, generously gave their time, talent and strategic guidance to produce an event meant to deliver beyond expectations.

     This is a BIG registration packet so expect BIG things at this year’s convention! To help navigate through the information, we have provided a table of contents. We hope you too will soon be as excited as we are and that this information answers many of your questions.

     You will soon get to meet the Planning Committee and Los Angeles Drifters and when you see us, please take a moment to say, hello.

See you in Palm Beach Gardens!




  • National Convention Planning Committee (NCPC) Welcome Letter
  • Los Angeles Drifters Invitation to the 67th national Drifters Convention
  • Navigating the Drifters’ Registration Process

  • Convention Fact Sheet

  • PGA national Resort COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Female Guest Registration Form

  • 2023 Daily Narrative

  • Hotel Information Sheet

  • Travel/Mobility Options

  • Payment and Form Information

  • Registered Guest Amenities

  • Corporate/Restaurants/Vendor/Souvenir Journal and Advertising /Sponsorship Contract

  • Vendor Application Form

  • Spa Treatments

  • PGA Golf Offers