The Drifters, Incorporated are committed to its national theme to” STRENGTHEN OUR FAMILIES TO BUILD BETTER COMMUNITIES” and its sub themes: “SAVE OUR CHILDREN – ASSIST OUR SENIORS.” Chapters are urged to participate in local activities reflecting the themes and to share their activities in our newsletter.  Additionally, chapters are invited to share their activities with Human Service Presentations during the annual convention and each participating chapter receives a plaque to commemorate their service.  Our program also includes an annual recognition of a Drifter who has served the community and supports her chapter and national efforts in advocating for children and seniors.

Our National Program includes four focus areas:

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM provides the designated convention host chapter funds to award local student scholarship funds based on designated donations from each active chapter.

THE DRIFTERS EMERGENCY STUDENT GRANT (DESG) provides funds in the amount of $10,000 biannually to a college or university selected at the National Convention.

VOTER EDUCATION/ REGISTRATION invite chapters to collaborate with local, regional and national organizations to increase political awareness and participate in voter education forums and programs to educate communities about the power of the vote.  The goal is to build lasting capacity for nonpartisan voter and election engagement and increase voter participation especially among voters new to the process or in areas with a history of lower voter turnout.

THE NOW BLACK WOMAN AWARD is the highest honor a Drifter can earn.  All chapters may submit a local candidate from their group as a candidate for the annual award.  The recipient has achieved success locally in her community through civic, educational and charitable activities and supported the organization by attending and participating in annual conventions.