For over 60 years, Drifter women have been staunch advocates for causes and actions that enrich the lives of those in their communities.  Strategic planning, targeted fundraising, and personal effort have enabled Drifters to accomplish goals and objectives focused on minorities, women and the less fortunate.  The power of Drifters’ advocacy can be seen on the national and local levels.

As a supporter of the belief that “Education is the way up and out of poverty,” every year, The National Drifters, Incorporated earmarks funds totaling $10,000 for the Drifters Emergency Student Grant (DESG) as a part of their civic obligation to helping students.  At the Annual Convention, and according to guidelines, chapters nominate and vote on the institution to receive and administer the funds.  The funds are given as a grant to qualifying students and serve as a demonstrable and quantifiable support of deserving youth who want an education.

Strengthen Our Families to Build Better Communities: Save our children – Assist our seniors.

Keeping the focus on education, at each annual convention, the Drifters award a scholarship to help a deserving student from the host city to attend the college or university of their choice.

In addition, the National Drifters Executive Board (NDEB) awards a scholarship to a family member of a Drifter.  The funds for this award come from the personal contributions of the Executive Board.

Lifetime Memberships in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, (NAACP) and the National Urban League keep the organization abreast and poised to act on challenges facing minorities on the national level as well as in individual communities.

Local chapters strengthen the power of Drifters’ advocacy in their communities through countless hours of community service and support aligned to the National Theme:

“Strengthen Our Families to Build Better Communities: Save our children – Assist our seniors”