The Drifters, Incorporated History

The Drifters, Incorporated was founded during a time when the Women’s Club Movement was sweeping across America.  It all began when Vivienne Lucille Malone-Mayes, Ph.D. of Dallas-Waco, Texas was a student at Fisk University during the 50’s. She envisioned organizing a National Women’s Club to nurture warm friendships and provide a social outlet for women with similar backgrounds and interests.  After returning home in 1954, Vivienne continued to further this vision through letters to various friends throughout the country.  She contacted girlfriends in Detroit who wrote to very receptive girlfriends in Chicago, who then contacted women in New York, Louisville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis.

In December 1954, the first chapter was established in Chicago, Illinois.  During the next two years, chapters were organized in Louisville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, New York and Greater Kansas City.  The first and founding convention of The Drifters, Incorporated was hosted by the Chicago Chapter at the Sheraton-Chicago Hotel from October 11-13, 1957.

From the beginning, these women’s vision was broad and infectious, and not defined by the cultural barriers of their times. Hence, the organization’s history is rich, dynamic and inspirational.

In recent years, growth in the number and size of chapters has accelerated. Currently the Organization is comprised of 38 chapters of dedicated, courageous women practicing their chosen professions which include; education, law, health, elected office, business and other 21st Century careers. The many stories embodied in these chapters give The Drifters, Incorporated a rich legacy of sisterhood, and have provided members with lifelong opportunities to give and receive, belong and contribute.

The Drifters Code

D – Devotion
R – Responsibility
I – Intelligence
F – Friendliness
T – Truthfulness
E – Eudemonism
R – Rationality

by Drifter Ednae Rose, Norfolk Chapter

Drifter Flower


The Drifters Colors

Coral and Silver Gray

Drifter Emblems

  • Driftwood
  • Queen Nefertiti

Drifter Roles

  • Drifter Mate: Driftwood
  • Drifter Child: Kindling
  • Drifter Grandchild: Splinter
  • Dindling 21+: Kindlewood